Brahman Cattle for Sale

Brahman Cattle for Sale

Brahman Cattle for Sale We offer the best mature Brahman and Weaned Brahman calves for sale at very affordable prices; These bulls are 6 months to 8 months of age, super gentle, and very affordable. These Brahman calves for sale are registered Grey Brahmans, White brahman, brown brahman calves,

Weaned commercial Brahman heifers and Bulls . They are on feed and ready to go . They are the cheapest you will find on the internet. For any other information please Contact

2yrs-10 months old Brahman Heifers

3yrs 4 months Brahman bull

2yrs 6 months old Brahman Heifers

1yr-5 months old Brahman

33 months Brahman calves

18 months Brahman calves

Quality in all fields
The winner of a number of awards for its top quality products, especially yoghurts and soft cheeses, Promel livestock – continues to supply Woolworths, Pick n Pay and Spar with products manufactured to the strictest hygiene and ethical standards.

We developed this herd to cater for Woolworth’s requirements and uses top genetics in both Ayrshire and Holstein herds to improve production.

Our breed show type animals. Showing cows is a hobby that I enjoy in addition to farming. A valuable spin-off to this is that my studs are advertised to potential clients at the shows .

Promel  Livestcok  sell a number of stud bulls every year. Stud females generally go for premium prices. After achieving his breeding goals, we began to bring brahman and Holstein herd up to the same standard. Our farm is happy with the progress the farm management and recent performance.