IBC tank SCR factory urea fluid solution

Urea AdBlue for ALL Diesel Vehicles from 5L 10L 20L Litre Ad Blue

AdBlue® is a urea aqueous solution in which high-purity industrial urea is dissolved in pure water. It is sprayed on exhaust gas by the SCR system installed in diesel vehicles, and nitrogen oxides, which are a cause of air pollution, are nitrogen oxides. And decomposes into water. 

  • Transparent liquid with weakly alkaline (ph=9~10), tasteless or mild ammonia odor (this product is a catalytic reduction agent selection of NOx).

  • Combined with SCR technology, the fuel consumption can be effectively reduced the emission of nitrogen oxides and solid particles in automobile exhaust.

  • This product is synthesized from ultrapure water and high purity urea.

  • Non-toxic, non pollution and non combustible.

  • Simple and safe operation.

  • Application: all SCR emission control systems.

1. What are the advantages of the product Bluebasic AdBlue?

We use high-purity technical grade urea granules, and advanced process such as heating and molecular filtration etc. Every production process is controlled by strict quality inspection methods, which fully comply with ISO22241 international standards.


2. Can the product packing be customized?

We supply various packing solutions such as 1.89L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 205L, 1000L and flexitank to meet your requirements. We also accept the customized packing.


3. Do you have after-service?

We provide 24hours online after-service to our clients, such as the prompt reply and regular phone or email return visits. We are always striving to improve our technology, products and services.


4. What is the storage condition and shelf life of AdBlue/AUS40?

In order to better preserve, light and heat should be avoid in the process of storage and transportation. And the temperature should be keep in -5-30℃. The shelf life normally is 12 months.


5. What are the shipping methods for AdBlue?

AdBlue can be delivered by sea, by train or by trucking. We do not recommend air transportation as it is extremely expensive.